Former Prosecutor Josh Davis Brings Invaluable Insight to Defending Juvenile Clients

As a former prosecutor, Josh Davis brings a unique perspective to his role as a juvenile criminal defense attorney. He understands the inner workings of the prosecution's office and knows how they build their cases against defendants. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to defending his juvenile clients to the fullest. He knows how to anticipate the prosecution's arguments and can prepare a solid defense strategy that takes into account the prosecutor's tactics. 

He also has experience working with law enforcement and understands how they investigate crimes. This insight can be crucial in identifying any flaws in the prosecution's case and can help him build a stronger defense for his clients. Josh Davis' experience as a former prosecutor sets him apart as an effective and knowledgeable advocate for his juvenile clients.

Comprehensive Juvenile Court Representation for a Range of Offenses

At Davis Law, we handle various types of juvenile court cases, and we understand the nuances of each type of case and have the knowledge and expertise to provide effective representation for our clients.

We can provide assistance for the following offenses:


Drug offenses

Possession, use, or distribution of marijuana, THC vape pens, THC gummies, prescription drugs, and other illegal drugs.

Alcohol offenses

Underage possession or consumption of alcohol, and driving under the influence (DUI)


Unlawfully entering a building or structure with the intent to commit a crime inside.

Traffic violations

Reckless driving, driving without a license, and other traffic-related offenses.


This includes shoplifting, petty theft, and grand theft.

Assault and battery

Acts of violence or threats of violence against another person.

Disorderly conduct

Engaging in disruptive or offensive behavior in public places, such as fighting or using offensive language.


Willful or malicious destruction of property, including graffiti.


Entering or remaining on another person's property without permission.

Weapon offenses

Possession of firearms or other weapons on school grounds or in other prohibited areas.

If your child has been charged with a crime in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell or Flagler County, it's important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Contact us at Davis Law to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. We'll work tirelessly to protect your child's rights and future.

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Understanding the Juvenile Justice System: Statistics and Process Explained

The age at which children are considered criminally responsible in the United States varies by state. In Florida, the age ranges from 14 to 16, depending on the nature of the crime. The minimum age for federal crimes is 11 years old. On average, juvenile offenders are between 15 and 17 years old.

According to the latest statistics, simple assault is the most common crime committed by juveniles, accounting for a staggering 41% of all offenses. Other offenses in decreasing order of occurrence include larceny, sexual offenses, aggravated assault, vandalism, robbery, kidnapping, motor vehicle theft, and homicide.

Juvenile offender cases are ruled by a judge instead of a group of peers. Instead of a trial, juveniles have an adjudication hearing, which is a process similar to a trial but with some key differences. At the adjudication hearing, the judge will review the evidence presented and determine whether the juvenile is delinquent or not. Our attorneys are well-versed in the juvenile justice system and can provide the guidance and representation necessary to navigate this process effectively.

Some of the Criminal Charges we can assist you with include:


Domestic Violence

• Drug Possession

Juvenile Defense

• Felonies


• Robbery

• Theft

• Assault & Battery

• Lewd Conduct

• Sexual Battery

• Sex Crimes

• Child Sex Offenses

• Forgery

• Elderly Abuse

• Weapons Charges

• Arson

• Hit and Run

• Fraud

• White Collar Crimes

• State Crimes

• Probation Violation

How We Can Assist

We are committed to standing up for your rights when facing criminal charges. In our justice system, you are innocent until proven guilty. Davis Law will work tirelessly to hold prosecutors to this constitutional right.

Potential issues in the prosecution’s case could result in a not guilty verdict, dismissal, or the case being thrown out.

Some legal problems with your criminal charges could be:

Evidence of your innocence • Police errors • Illegal search and seizure • Miranda rights issues during your arrest

Witnesses unavailable to testify or unreliable testimony • Evidence issues

Even if a not-guilty verdict or dismissal is not possible in your situation, there may still be a number of options for reducing the negative consequences of a conviction. This may include, for example, reduced charges and lesser penalties (a plea bargain), including seeking alternative sentencing such as fines, community service or probation, for example.

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